1. Beneficial for kids with ADHD

Studies show that a complex physical activity, like martial arts, strengthens neural pathways and networks in the brain, and enables kids with ADD/ADHD to practice self-control. Movement helps them develop coordination while building strength resulting in increased focusing ability. 

2. Kids Get More Physically Active

With the obesity epidemic in the US, physical activity of all kinds are great to instill in young children teaching them to move their bodies on a regular basis. Martial Arts teaches kids that physical activity is important and should be part of a regular routine. 

3. They Learn To Breath

Did you know that from the time Americans are 5 years old that we stop using the majority of our lung capacity? Deep breathing can aid in energy, focus, and keeping our bodies healthy and supple.

4. Kids Will Learn to Find Focus and Stillness

Especially in today's digital landscape, it is important to teach children how to take some time away from phones and electronic devices and connect with the world and people around them. Stillness and silence are rapidly becoming a thing of the past and we, as parents, should do all we can to make sure they can find themselves in a calm, quiet place amongst the chaos. 

5. Kids gain Self Confidence and Self Respect

Many kids benefit greatly from the increase in self confidence that Martial Arts and Karate instills in them. Learning that they are capable of working through belt ranks and accomplishing goals helps them, not only on the studio floor, but in life as well. As they grow in self awareness and self respect, they will be more confident out in the real world. 

6. Learn Conflict Resolution

Martial Arts and Karate ARE about learning to defend yourself, but a great deal is taught about how to try and diffuse a situation before it starts, and that words are never a reason to get into a fight. We teach kids to try and resolve a conflict with out physical altercations and to only engage in martial arts outside the ring, when it is for self defense. 

7. They Will Learn to Take Hits

Part of life is learning that from time to time, we all will have to take some hits. The most important part is learning how to take a blow and get back up, both figuratively and literally. When we get hit, we learn to respond better and more quickly, maneuver, and anticipate so that we can better protect ourselves.


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