Does Your Child Need Help Focusing and Concentrating?

Does your child have trouble concentrating on his home work? Do you find your child with a dreamy expression on his face when he is supposed to be studying? Children are beginning to explore the world around them. They are learning to think and analyze the cause and effect. Things that may seem mundane to the adult eye are new and wonderful for children. Therefore, they tend to be distracted by the things and happenings around them. However, there are many things you can do to help your child to attain a better concentration levels. One great way is children’s martial arts and karate classes.

• Set a routine. Set aside a specific time for waking up, having breakfast, and going to school, playtime, study time and dinner. Once your child establishes a routine, he will find it easier to concentrate on his work because he knows that this is the time you have allotted for work and nothing else.

• Make sure that the room in which your child sits down to study and do his homework, is one where there is no distraction. Let him read aloud if he feels it will help him from becoming distracted.

• Don’t let younger siblings, especially infants play near the room where your school going child studies. Their cries and infant babble may be a big distraction for your child.

• Look up the topic which your child is working on and capture his interest by sharing interesting and informative facts with him.

• Make dull topics interesting by playing quizzes and memory games.

• If your child feels sleepy or hungry, he may not be able to concentrate well so make sure he is not hungry or tired.

• Sometimes children tend to lose interest in a particular subject when they fail at it. Encourage your child to persevere. For this, you must show him that you have full confidence in his abilities and that you will help him in any way you can.

• If your child needs extra help, offer to help him out or arrange for tuition. Once he begins to understand and master the subject, he will begin to concentrate on his work.

• It is a good idea to let your child study along with his peers who are good academic performers. By doing this, your child can pick up tips and ideas from his friends.

• Be patient when you deal with your child. Yelling at him or scolding him when your find him distracted will only serve to make him frustrated.

• Let your child take short breaks while studying. This will help your child to refresh his mind and memory. Let him take a 10 minute break after 1 or 2 hours of studying.

There are several activities which can help to improve your child’s concentration.

Here are a few:
– Board games and card games demand concentration, and engaging in them will improve your child’s concentration levels.
– Read a story to your child and ask him questions related to it. This will help sharpen his memory too.
– Ask your child about his day. This way, he will make an attempt to recall the events and actions of his day and this in turn will help improve his memory and concentration.
– Count numbers or their multiples and skip one or two in between. Ask your child to find the missing number.
– Strange as it sounds, tongue twisters also help improve concentration. Your child has to listen with great attention to decipher the tongue twister you say. This will teach him to concentrate.

And finally Children’s Martial Arts and Karate Classes. Many health care professional now recommend children’s martial arts and karate classes to help kids improve their focus and concentration. For great children’s martial arts and karate classes find the Bobby Lawrence Karate school near you.

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How my son with autism became a martial arts champion


My son, Ethan, was diagnosed with autism at age three. I remember thinking he was more behind on his infant and toddler milestones than his older sister was, but I didn't think too much of it because we are often told that each child is different and the range of "normal" is pretty wide.

He didn't begin walking until almost two. He could speak a lot of words at 12 months but they were never his own. He would simply mimic back what others said to him. Communication got much easier when he got to a place where he could answer yes or no, but it wasn't until we completed a lot of therapy before he could answer anything open ended. He is as literal as the day is long and sarcasm, analogies, and innuendo are often lost on him. He has to learn some things differently because he can't easily intuit from context what is meant. He is sensitive to touch and loud noise but, with therapy, has learned how to better cope with uncomfortable stimuli.

Fear of the Future

Our worries began when several relatives and friends recommended getting him tested. The tests confirmed he was on the spectrum and it was recommended that he get occupational, speech, and group therapy immediately. I wondered if he would be able to become a productive member of society being able to delight in all that life has to offer "normal" people. He was my child. I loved him with all my heart. Fear of the future was very real.

He finished therapy at five, did well in school, but basically had no friends nor desire to spend time outside or engaging with peers. It hurt seeing Ethan have no friends, no birthday invitations, and no special people in his life, other than family.

A Budding Ninja

I decided he really needed more exercise and to be forced to interact with more people. I gave him a choice between soccer, T-ball, or karate. He emphatically told me no to all. I said choose or I will choose for you, which ultimately resulted in my loading him in the car and off to the nearest local ATA Taekwondo school. He resisted at first, but once there, found he liked it. Martial arts has a special way of helping kids with varying issues learn focus, discipline, self confidence, and drive. Ethan had an immediate affinity for the sport and it caused those around him to want to make friends. He finally fit in. He excelled. He began to speak more. He became more coordinated. And then... he began to win!

Martial Arts Champion

Ethan's instructor suggested he try a national competition and when that yielded a first place finish, urged us to consider having him compete to some day earn the title of world champion. He has been training for more than 2 years in this endeavor and last year came very close by tying for first but losing the tie-breaker to take 2nd in the world! He has continued to train and will try again this year to earn a world championship title in two different leagues, the ATA (American Taekwondo Association) and the NBL (National Black Belt League). He is currently ranked first in the world in two events and is top 5 in a few others.

Most people who meet him have no idea he has autism. Those that do, are in awe of how far he has come! He's learned a lot and loves to give back. He enjoys teaching martial arts and loves his many friends more than words can convey. I am one of the proudest mothers on the planet and I KNOW what it has taken to reach this place and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for him. A reality that is very different from what I thought not long ago.

You can follow Ethan on Instagram @ethanfineshriber





1. Beneficial for kids with ADHD

Studies show that a complex physical activity, like martial arts, strengthens neural pathways and networks in the brain, and enables kids with ADD/ADHD to practice self-control. Movement helps them develop coordination while building strength resulting in increased focusing ability. 

2. Kids Get More Physically Active

With the obesity epidemic in the US, physical activity of all kinds are great to instill in young children teaching them to move their bodies on a regular basis. Martial Arts teaches kids that physical activity is important and should be part of a regular routine. 

3. They Learn To Breath

Did you know that from the time Americans are 5 years old that we stop using the majority of our lung capacity? Deep breathing can aid in energy, focus, and keeping our bodies healthy and supple.

4. Kids Will Learn to Find Focus and Stillness

Especially in today's digital landscape, it is important to teach children how to take some time away from phones and electronic devices and connect with the world and people around them. Stillness and silence are rapidly becoming a thing of the past and we, as parents, should do all we can to make sure they can find themselves in a calm, quiet place amongst the chaos. 

5. Kids gain Self Confidence and Self Respect

Many kids benefit greatly from the increase in self confidence that Martial Arts and Karate instills in them. Learning that they are capable of working through belt ranks and accomplishing goals helps them, not only on the studio floor, but in life as well. As they grow in self awareness and self respect, they will be more confident out in the real world. 

6. Learn Conflict Resolution

Martial Arts and Karate ARE about learning to defend yourself, but a great deal is taught about how to try and diffuse a situation before it starts, and that words are never a reason to get into a fight. We teach kids to try and resolve a conflict with out physical altercations and to only engage in martial arts outside the ring, when it is for self defense. 

7. They Will Learn to Take Hits

Part of life is learning that from time to time, we all will have to take some hits. The most important part is learning how to take a blow and get back up, both figuratively and literally. When we get hit, we learn to respond better and more quickly, maneuver, and anticipate so that we can better protect ourselves.


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